CURRENT THOUGHTS: As the end of the year is approaching it’s time to reevaluate your goals and think about what YOU want. Not what you should do, not what everyone else says but instead what YOU need to do. Understand that life is a process and everything is going to come you just need patience. 2016 was not the best year for me but it certainly wasn’t the worst. I cried a lot this year but I also smiled and laugh a lot and I’m glad I’m ending the year smiling. I’m walking out of this year holding no grudges and speaking my mind. Moving forward my focus is my relationship with God, where it should be.

My Declaration:2017 will be my year of execution. There was a lot of things I paused on this year due to many variables but this upcoming year I will not make any excuses. I will be grateful and work with the hand I have been dealt. I will make a conscious effort to not waste time, be discipline and act on my discernment. I will receive and give love and be in a HEALTHY relationship that is built on the interest of us both growing.

Take some time and write your declaration. I shared mines in hopes you would make a declaration to yourself and not necessarily to others. This declaration should be for your eyes only or if you feel comfortable a small group of friends. The new year is not just a time to set goals and quit or get discouraged because in the past you didn’t live up to them. The new year holds the same power as any other day you wake up. The new year is about a new mindset. You don’t have to wait to the ball drops to start. Start now, start today, you have to understand that the new beginning starts with you!



Top: Marc Jacobs

Sweatpants: Adidas

Shoes: Zara