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How to Enhance Your Style

Growing up I would always ask my mom, “how will I look when I get older?” She use to always say to me, “just an older version of yourself.” At the time her response didn’t really resonate with me as much. Now that I am older I finally understand what she meant. She meant, who “YOU” are will only  grow and evolve with time. I have watched my style change over the years but no matter how much my style has changed it has always been a reflection of me.  The more time I have taken to get to know myself the more I have become connected to my style.

Readers always ask me how can they enhance their personal style. So, I decided to give 5 tips that you can start with today on how to enhance your style so that you always feel connected and inspired.

  1. Collect Inspiration: Collect, pin, screenshot, and save photos and/or videos, pieces of art work, etc that speak to you. Organize them in one place like Pinterest, your phone, bookmark, or a folder. By organizing these images into a folder you will be able to analyze them, organize your thoughts, have style references, see a pattern and train your eye for the type of aesthetic you want in your daily outfits. It’s almost like having the thumbprint radio from pandora in fashion and style format. Everything you collect will be things you like and you will feel inspired to curate your closet the same.
  2. Let Go, Let Flow: Clean out your closet. Holding on to items you have not worn or don’t plan on wearing is only taking up space that could be replaced with items that fit you more. Now, I am not saying throw everything away. If you can alter or revamp pieces then I say, “Do it!. Plus it never hurts to try a DIY. If you do decide it’s time to part ways and the clothing is in good condition, donate them to places like salvation army, or goodwillOne person trash is another person(s) treasure, right?
  3. Basics Are a Must: It’s important to have basic clothing items and accessories in your closet when building a wardrobe that inspires you. Have items like basic t-shirts, jeans with no rips, socks (crew,long and footies), a black and brown belt, just to name a few. Basics are the foundation to completing all-star looks. You can get basics from places like your local H&M, Target, Uniqlo, etc)
  4. Colors! Colors!: “Everyone can wear red lipstick, it’s just finding the right shade.” Much like red lipstick you can wear any color its just about finding the right shade that fits your skin tone. Making an effort to get colors that compliment you will only enhance what you’re already wearing and make you feel more confident in outfit selections.
  5. Be Confident: Although this my be listed last it may be the most important. You may have on the most stylish outfit but if you’re not confident the outfit is no longer effective. Be confident in what you like. Be okay with taking a shot and wearing something different or branching out. You’ll never grow if you always stop yourself from trying something new.

I hope this helps! I know it takes much more than the 5 tips I listed above in order to achieve your personal desired style but I truly believe if you implement these 5 things you will notice a difference and who knows you may actually unlock your best self yet!

Outfit Details:

FOREVER 21+ Twelve Twist-Front Crop Top • Forever 21
ACNE STUDIOS Casual pants • Acne Studios
Kingston Crop Top • The Jetset Diaries
LA Roxx Crochet Crop Top
by the way. Gina Crop Top