Shirt: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Bag: Chanel

Shoes: Marc Jacobs (sold out) white colorway available (here)

Open Thought: The least of your concerns should be if someone likes you or not or deems you valuable or not. You are who you say you are and you’re worth what you believe your worth. You are special by design and you should view yourself in that manner. No one can ever validate your worth the way you can.

I know sometimes it’s hard when we live in a world that places blind value on meaningless and shallow concepts but do know its okay to be you! You can never go out of style.

Whenever I feel like I want to change or give in to the world I always get a reminder from God not to whether its through a reader sending me an email, a church sermon, or even a random stranger. I am reminded to not conform but instead plant my feet more firmly into who I am.  I feel a sense of freedom to explore my thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. I have this inner peace where I am comfortable in my skin. Nothing in this world tops that feeling for me.

I always say, “I can’t fathom how anyone could know me because I am still getting to know myself.” You are a process and a journey. You are on the path to finding the best you and that should never feel uncomfortable or like the wrong thing to do.

Surround yourself with others who don’t hinder your growth but push it instead. Be mindful what conversations you consume and what tv shows you watch.  Find your center and shape your world.

I know this totally un-fashion related but I felt compelled to share my thoughts as we move closer into embarking on the new year. I want you to know self reflection and personal growth is one of the priceless hidden gems we can take hold of in this lifetime. Embrace you and who you are to become.

My desire as a person is just to always be a taste of genuine.

What’s your desire?