Who knew Motel 6 could be turned into a photoshoot location. I wanted to play with the idea of “The Morning After” and put my own twist on it. I combined what you should wear when leaving a motel at 7 am while intertwining last night outfit. The Morning After does not always have to be the walk of shame but rather a glory strut.

Oversized hoodies and skirts make the perfect recipe for style balance. Socks and heels gives you the freedom to never have to compromise the complete look over weather restraints.  Dark sunglasses spice up your look and also covers your face

I decided to also debut a new hairstyle. Did you notice my bob? So I have been wanting to play with the idea of my hair being short and I must say I slightly fell in love with this hairstyle. It’s sleek, bold, sexy, and different for me. I feel like hairstyles can make you channel different versions of yourself, almost like multiple personalities.



Hoodie: Adidas (click here) or (click here)

Skirt: Zara (click here)

Socks: Adidas (click here)

Heels: Forever 21 (click here)