I had the pleasure of teaming up with Nylon Digital and Editorial Assistant, Ziggy Mack for his Thursday Snapchat Style Segment. This style segment deals with me styling 3 easy everyday looks in one of my favorite stores Zara.  Check below for photos and full outfit details and explanations.

All three looks (All Zara merchandise)


Outfit #1


I chose to do a street style look with a mix of sport, basics, and military. The bomber was puffy yet light enough to freely layer underneath with. I paired a black turtleneck and suede lace mix camisole on top just incase I want to take off my jacket. I want to ensure my outfit does not go from “aha!” to “blah”. For the bottoms I decided to open the outfit up some with a light wash low rise rip skinny. The skinny was ripped in a manner where I could wear them year round and be comfortable with the amount of air passes through the rips. The last thing you want is to have ripped jeans that loses the benefit of keeping you warm because the rips are to open. The shoes are a a zip up combat boot with side cutouts. I felt these shoes adds the extra eyebrow raise you want. Overall the all the pieces are simple but together they make you look amazing effortlessly.


Camisole: (click here)

Turtleneck: (click here)

Denim Jeans (click here)

Jacket (click here)

Shoes (not online but in store)


Outfit #2


Living in New York you will experience winter and sometimes you’ll get overwhelmed with your outerwear pieces due to the fact you wear them more than anything else in your closet consistently for about 4-5 months. I’m a advocate for your classic navy and black coat but also add in a fun coat. I chose the cheetah print fur coat because it can easily jazz up any outfit and also gives you the flexibility to style it with many different style genres. The white turtleneck is simple but adds a clear pallet for accessories and makes the coat pop more. The metallic mini skirt is perfect offset to the look and adds to the high low balance of the outfit. The skirt gives symmetry to the complete look. The patent red zip booties are to die for! Those shoes look and feel amazing. Red patent leather boots in my opinion have been hard to find in the past but they’re such a great statement piece. The shoes is what bridges the gap with the look and make you feel its elevation. The red booties is the perfect style touch to this complete look.


Coat: (click here)

Turtleneck: (click here)

Skirt: (click here)

Shoes (click here)

Outfit #3


Whenever the weather decides to randomly go to 55 degrees but then later on around 5 pm switch to 46 this is your go to outfit. No one can resist denim especially this oversized piece. This denim jacket was lined with faux shearling, included to exterior pockets and dedicated patchwork that makes a statement through imagery and text. The mesh see-through bodysuit breaks up the outfit but also is the piece that adds the flair. The mesh bodysuit also included a boxy seam pattern that makes the eye travel and keeps the outfit spicy. The metallic short are just the icing on the cake. The elastic band makes them easy to wear and gives the ability to accommodate whatever top piece it’s paired with. The shorts add the balance to the long jacket. Lastly, the patent leather sock bootie adds height and elongates the look making it become more soho chic.


Denim Jacket: (click here)

Mesh Bodysuit: (click here)

Metallic Shorts: (click here)

Patent Leather: (click here)