She is ofWind. She moves and interacts based on who has the capacity for her. She mystifies the air with effortless gestures She evoke emotions that leaves an imprint She is a taste of genuine She is me…Sky Conner Brand Detail & Inspiration Hassani ofWIND RTW collection, 1617. Inspired by LA sunsets throughout the color palette – the sporty mesh tops were perfect for covering at the beach. The flow in the pants is perfect for lounging yet adding the strap allows a tailored look. Being that ofWIND is

Being comfortable has never looked and felt so good. Missguided had me in mind when they created this two piece pajama set. The saying, “I just rolled out of bed and I still look fabulous,” had to the be the inspiration behind this outfit. Even though my outfit was inexpensive the color choice and design made it rich. Style Tip: When you are wearing a long matching set it’s good to throw an “aha!” piece to mix up the look. Example: I chose to take a t-shirt and cut it

Disclaimer: I know it’s been a while since I posted but I needed to take some time and restructure my life and brand. Do not worry I feel like I have caught the rhythm and I don’t see any upcoming long hiatus from me. Thank you for sticking with me, checking the site and the app. I truly appreciate every single one of you. Can we talk about my love for this outfit? I personally think its so tasteful and trendy but yet classic and simple. Would you believe the

Today, Bodysuits & Loose Denim is an example of less is more. Who can resist a bodysuit when they’re comfortable and can easily add shape to the body. My loose denim gives me the ability to eat and not feel like unbuttoning my pants, just kidding. A simple outfit also allowed me to be able to put my dazzling Stila Beso Red Lipstick.Effortless, requiring no physical or mental exertion or achieved with admirable ease. I love dressing up but there’s nothing like being effortless and simple. Those days where you

She woke up with intention. She let her thoughts proceed to her lips and out came sound which transformed into the words, “I want to go to the beach.”She freed her legs so they could run into the sea as her body caught the essence of the morning sunlight. She let her neoprene crochet swimsuit feel the cool morning air breeze as she breathed the fresh 5:45 am air. Self confidence is the best thing anyone could ever wear. Being able to have a positive outlook on yourself is one

I am glad I was able to allow myself to try something new. I have never worn a bandana in public as a head accessory for many reasons. One reason is, I didn’t want to represent a gang or come off as a, “hood girl”. I think its funny how stereotypes can create the atmosphere for people that are not necessarily true. So, with that said I am glad I stepped over that one and tried it out because I think it’s cute and I like how the bandana added

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