Melanin by definition is, “any of a group of black or dark brown pigments present in the hair, skin, and eyes of man and animals,” according to Melanin is activated through the contact of sun.In my opinion most individuals look at the word, Melanin not just in the context given in the dictionary but also as a symbol of being comfortable in your skin of color. Melanin is used in reference to the black race and has been utilized

Attentionnnnnnnnnnn!!!! Military & Furs! Who said women can’t be sexy in a uniform? When I seen this DOPE Military tie front mens shirt at Vinnie Stylez located in Brooklyn, I flipped out. Of course it fit me oversized but because of the waist belt I was able to play with the shirt a little more. The look I wanted to impose was sexy coming to America military vibe. I decided to do light makeup and pull my hair back into one for a more sleeker look. I thought added the polished

  I remember when I was little always dreading the grocery store, not because I hate getting the food. I actually enjoyed filling up the cart with goodies I wouldn’t have to pay for. I hated the fact I couldn’t get dressed up. My mother would say, “Put on some sweats so we can go to the store.”I looked at the grocery store as a chore until I realized it was another place to be fab! Who says you can’t be chic at the grocery store? Now I realize that

There’s a sense of joy in just the everyday stroll. I woke up wanting some waffle house and because there’s none in New York this was the first place I wanted to eat when I touched down in St. Louis.Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m crazy for breakfast food. So when I go to eat breakfast food I must be comfy.Naturally I pulled out my adidas striped leggings, Gap long sleeve shirt, G.E.T jacket, and my so Kate Pumps and ran out the door. I chose to wear heels

Photography by: LongTower Photography Who wouldn’t want to take a stroll in Brooklyn wearing a hand painted coat and not capture it? I have an immediate attraction to pieces that are special. I love pieces that need no introduction but always provoke your eyes to look. I think I was mostly drawn to this coat because of the color choice. Some of you may or may not remember but last season Burberry did hand painted coats and bags for their Burberry Prorsum collection. The retail of this coat was $4,000. The

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