Lingerie x Adidas Joggers I’ve been waiting to wear an all white outfit for a while. Soon as I purchased these adidas joggers I knew exactly how I wanted to wear them. I’ve been trying to mix a hard vs soft and tight vs loose look lately. I feel aesthetically balanced when I’m able to do it. Everyday the goal is to fuse both versions of myself, high fashion and streetwear into one. I am happy to say I was successful this day. Outfit: Click links below L’Agent by Agent

Photo by: Pierre York Outfit Details Below How to Enhance Your Style Growing up I would always ask my mom, “how will I look when I get older?” She use to always say to me, “just an older version of yourself.” At the time her response didn’t really resonate with me as much. Now that I am older I finally understand what she meant. She meant, who “YOU” are will only  grow and evolve with time. I have watched my style change over the years but no matter how much

Who knew Motel 6 could be turned into a photoshoot location. I wanted to play with the idea of “The Morning After” and put my own twist on it. I combined what you should wear when leaving a motel at 7 am while intertwining last night outfit. The Morning After does not always have to be the walk of shame but rather a glory strut. Oversized hoodies and skirts make the perfect recipe for style balance. Socks and heels gives you the freedom to never have to compromise the complete

Arcade: Sky Conner

CURRENT THOUGHTS: As the end of the year is approaching it’s time to reevaluate your goals and think about what YOU want. Not what you should do, not what everyone else says but instead what YOU need to do. Understand that life is a process and everything is going to come you just need patience. 2016 was not the best year for me but it certainly wasn’t the worst. I cried a lot this year but I also smiled and laugh a lot and I’m glad I’m ending the year

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Nylon Digital and Editorial Assistant, Ziggy Mack for his Thursday Snapchat Style Segment. This style segment deals with me styling 3 easy everyday looks in one of my favorite stores Zara.  Check below for photos and full outfit details and explanations.   Outfit #1 Explanation: I chose to do a street style look with a mix of sport, basics, and military. The bomber was puffy yet light enough to freely layer underneath with. I paired a black turtleneck and suede lace mix camisole

Foreshadowing: Sky Conner

  Outfit: Shirt: Zara Jeans: Zara Bag: Chanel Shoes: Marc Jacobs (sold out) white colorway available (here) Open Thought: The least of your concerns should be if someone likes you or not or deems you valuable or not. You are who you say you are and you’re worth what you believe your worth. You are special by design and you should view yourself in that manner. No one can ever validate your worth the way you can. I know sometimes it’s hard when we live in a world that places

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